RESTART of the European Dispatch Centre Survey 

With EDiCEeS we try to get the best possible information about different telephone assisted cardiopulmonal resuscitation (T-CPR;  also known as dispatcher assisted CPR) approaches all over Europe. Thus EDiCeS will strengthen the cooperation between dispatch centres (DC) and emergency medical services (EMS).   

In detail we plan:

  •  to get data relating to the 2017 situation and compare it with 2013 data

  • to gather information on how emergency calls for out-of hospital cardiac arrests (OHCA) are being processed actually within Europeans DCs

  • to gather information on how DCs identify gasping (agonal breathing)  

  • to evaluate the call-to-dispatch-time and the call-to-compressions-time for T-CPR 

  • to gather information how DCs handle information concerning automated external defibrillators (AED) in the community, and the use of AED in OHCA due to dispatch instruction.  


It is intended to use an electronic survey tool for data collection and will be on-line for 30 days.

The start of the data collection for the study will be 7th of March 2018.

Our main goal is to enrol as much European countries as possible.

Many thanks for your support and please dont forget to participate!

Because of multiple request from different countries we decided to extend the survey deadline. 

EDiCeS is performed in close co-operation with the ERC research group and run under the patronage of ERC.

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